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April 2024 News

The 15th Australasian Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Conference proved to be an exceptional event for fostering new relationships and collaborative endeavours. Under the theme of "Weaving Knowledges for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion; Creating a New Way Together," attendees were encouraged to engage in open dialogue and learn from diverse perspectives. Drawing from indigenous cultural practices, the metaphor of weaving symbolised the collective effort to integrate various disciplines and backgrounds, resulting in a resilient and interconnected community. Attendees, including representatives from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, actively participated in knowledge exchange, enriching the collective understanding of injury prevention and safety promotion. With the conference theme and speakers leaving a lasting influence on future practices and collaborations across Australia and Aotearoa.  


Congratulations to the following delegates who were recognised at the conference for outstanding presentations: 

Bronte Haynes: Using art-based methods to understand Aboriginal connection to water. 

Jodhi Warwick Ponga & Moira Loach: Haumaru Tāngata 

Joanna Hikaka: Whaioranga to Pā Harakeke 

In closing, attendees were encouraged to stay connected and contribute to ongoing initiatives, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in addressing the significant challenges of injury prevention and safety promotion. 


Those who attended the conference who have not done so already are encouraged to provide feedback by the event evaluation survey:  


Thank you to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the conference via the Organising and Scientific committees. Special mention must go to the Co-Chairs of the Organising Committee, Mareta Hunt, Julieann Coombs, Kate Hunter and Keziah Bennett-Brook, and Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee, Rebbecca Lilley and Courtney Ryder, who all put in untold hours to contribute to the successful event enjoyed by everyone in. attendance. 

15th Australasian Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Conference Wrap Up

AIPN Member Award Winners

The Australasian Injury Prevention Network bi-annually hosts an awards event to recognise the diverse individuals and organisations contributions to injury prevention in Australia and New Zealand.   

The AIPN Awards were presented at the conference gala dinner on 12th March 2024 in Rotorua, marking a memorable occasion where attendees gathered to celebrate achievements in injury prevention amidst a festive atmosphere, enjoying a delightful meal and forging connections with both familiar faces and new acquaintances.  


Congratulations to the 2024 recipients! 

Life Member: Prof Kathleen Clapham 

Achievement in Research in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: Emma Wyeth  

Pam Albany Memorial Award: Contribution to Policy in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: Rachel Meade  

Achievement in Practice in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: Stacey Pidgeon 

Special Award for Sustained Achievement in Injury Prevention: Prof Kirsten Vallmuur 
Marilyn Lyford Emerging Leader Award: Dr Georgina Lau.  


Read more about their contribution to the field of injury prevention here.

Members in the Media

As we continue to strive towards our shared goal of injury prevention and safety promotion, your contributions and achievements are vital in driving positive change within our communities.  

We encourage you to actively engage with us on social media by tagging the Australasian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN) in your posts related to injury prevention initiatives, research findings, events, and other relevant content. By sharing your work with us, you enable us to amplify your message and promote the valuable contributions you are making to the field.  

Additionally, we welcome you to share your media releases with us so that we can further highlight your efforts and successes through our channels. Please send to 


Together, we can raise awareness, foster collaboration, and inspire action towards creating safer and healthier environments for all. Let's work together to showcase the impactful work being done in injury prevention across Australia and New Zealand. Don't forget to tag us and share your achievements with the AIPN community! 

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Reports & Publications

Queensland paediatric sepsis mortality study 

The QFCC has partnered with the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program at Children’s Health Queensland to complete Australia’s first population-based study to better understand the true incidence of childhood deaths from sepsis and identify opportunities to improve how we identify, treat, and prevent it.  

 The final report Queensland paediatric sepsis mortality study – Incidence of, and factors associated with, sepsis-related child deaths, Queensland 2004-2021 has been published and can be found at


Cierra Virtue, Chelsea Goffe, Evelyn Shiang, Zoann McKenzie, and Wendy Shields. ‘Surveillance Methods and Interventions Implemented in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities to Increase Child Restraint Device and Seat Belt Use in Motor Vehicles: A Systematic Review’. Injury Prevention 30, no. 2 (1 April 2024): 92.

D Alex Quistberg. ‘Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Injury Prevention Research and Practice’. Injury Prevention 30, no. 2 (1 April 2024): 89.


Damion Grasso, Kerri M Raissian, L Doucette, Austen Bradley McGuire, and Jennifer Necci Dineen. ‘Harms and Benefits Inventory (HBI): Initial Validation of a Novel Assessment of Perceived Harms and Benefits of Firearm Policies and Practices’. Injury Prevention, 22 March 2024, ip–2023–045073.


Gibson, M., S. Leske, R. Ward, B. Weir, K. Russell, and K. Kolves. ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Suicide Mortality and Previous Mental Health, Suicidality and Service Use in Queensland, Australia, from 2001 to 2021’. Journal of Affective Disorders 354 (1 June 2024): 55–61.

Hans, Zainab, Chiara E. Cooper, and April M. Zeoli. ‘Examining the Role of Firearm Involvement in Repeat Intimate Partner Violence Assaults’. Injury Epidemiology 11, no. 1 (4 March 2024): 9.


Julie Brown, Bianca Albanese, Catherine Ho, Jane Elkington, Sjaan Koppel, Judith L Charlton, Jake Olivier, Lisa Keay, and Lynne E Bilston. ‘Updated Population-Level Estimates of Child Restraint Practices among Children Aged 0–12 Years in Australia, 10 Years after Introduction of Age-Appropriate Restraint Use Legislation’. Injury Prevention 30, no. 2 (1 April 2024): 100.


Leon Robertson. ‘Did “Long COVID” Increase Road Deaths in the USA?’ Injury Prevention, 14 March 2024, ip–2023–045136.


Parrella, Adriana, Jonathon Zagler, Matilda D’Antoine, Tina Brodie, Kate Smith, Aunty Martha Watts, Tameeka Ieremia, Graham Aitken, Alex Brown, and Odette Pearson. ‘Workforce Training Needs to Address Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Home-Based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care’. Australian Health Review, 2024.


Rollman, Jeffrey E., M. Thomas, Laura M. Mercer Kollar, Katie A. Ports, Carmen Clelland, Delight E. Satter, and Corinne David-Ferdon. ‘American Indian and Alaska Native Violence Prevention Efforts: A Systematic Review, 1980 to 2018’. Injury Epidemiology 8, no. 2 (19 March 2024): 72.


Smith, Peter John, Kylie Rice, Nicola Schutte, and Kim Usher. ‘Cultural Responsiveness: A Conceptual Model for Mental Health Professionals Engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’, 28 March 2024.


Walker, Clara, Tahmina Begum, Jacqueline A. Boyle, James Ward, and Federica Barzi. ‘Preconception Health of Indigenous Peoples in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States: A Scoping Review’. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 21, no. 3 (2024).


Weir, J. K., R. Morgain, K. Moon, and B. J. Moggridge. ‘Centring Indigenous Peoples in Knowledge Exchange Research-Practice by Resetting Assumptions, Relationships and Institutions’. Sustainability Science 19, no. 2 (1 March 2024): 629–45.


Yang, Jingzhen, Corinne Peek-Asa, Ying Zhang, Cara Hamann, Motao Zhu, Yang Wang, Archana Kaur, Robyn Recker, Dominique Rose, and Lisa Roth. ‘ProjectDRIVE: Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Driving Practices of High-Risk Teen Drivers with a Traffic Violation’. Injury Epidemiology 11, no. 1 (29 March 2024): 12.


Call for Submissions 

Injury Epidemiology is calling for submissions to a Collection on Health and Healthcare Disparities in Injuries among Underrepresented Populations. 

Submission Deadline: 1 Nov 2024  

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Opportunities & Events

How can the application of decolonisation enable the rethinking of public health paradigms for Public Health? 

When: 8:00pm – 9.30pm AEST, 8th April 

Where: Online Event 


In late 2023 the Indigenous Working Group of the World Federation of Public Health Associations hosted a webinar to discuss the importance of decolonisation to Public Health. The high attendance of this webinar demonstrated the keen global interest in this space. During the Webinar a draft definition of decolonising public health for the World Federation of Public Health Associations was discussed and further refined. This webinar will be co facilitated by a First Nations person and a non-Indigenous person of colour. The panel will consist of First Nations advocates, researchers, and academics from across the globe. Participants will have opportunities to contribute the conversation via polls and asking questions of panellists. 

Understanding Grooming in Sport

When: 5:30pm – 6:30pm AWST, 11th April 

Where: Online Event 

This webinar will take a deep dive into the types of abuse and grooming that children and young people can be subjected to in sporting environments without appropriate safeguarding.  You will learn about the telltale behaviour of potential perpetrators and the impacts of abuse on children. 

Clinical Yarning for Injury Prevention

When: 1:30-2:30 pm AWST, 14th May 2024 

Where: Online Event 

Clinical Yarning is a patient-centered communication framework for Aboriginal health care. This webinar aims to explore the importance of yarning in a clinical setting for health professionals in the injury prevention sector. Dr. Ivan Lin and Trevor Pickett from WA Centre for Rural Health will explore the concept of clinical yarning, how it can be implemented, and the benefits to Aboriginal communities in WA. with speakers Dr Ivan Lin and Trevor Pickett. You can read more about this webinar training and register for it below. 

Evaluation Webinar Series

When: 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm AWST May 8th and May 15th

Where: Online Event 

This two-part, 45-minute, lunchtime webinar series will provide an overview of evaluation for health programs in WA; how to evaluate project activities, data collection and translation methods, how to mitigate any challenges that arise, and practical tips to support your evaluation activities. 

Active Balance for falls prevention 

When: 9:00am - 12:00pm, April 17th

Where: Bendat Parent & Community Centre 36 Dodd Street, Wembley, WA 


Injury Matters’ Stay On Your Feet® program are hosting a half-day workshop training, aimed at fitness and exercise professionals, therapy assistants, allied health assistants, nurses, support workers, and aged care staff who work with older adults. The workshop will go over falls and falls prevention strategies, ageing risk factors, gait and balance as a key risk factor to falls while exploring falls prevention and exercise strategies that exercise professionals can implement with their older adult clients. 

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Instructor training. 

When: 9:00am - 5:00pm, 7th May 2024 

Where: Bendat Parent & Community Centre 36 Dodd Street, Wembley, WA  


Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Instructor training, developed by Dr Paul Lam, is an evidence-based program to help health professionals working with older adults to become a certified Tai Chi for Health Institute Instructor. This comprehensive, practical, and enjoyable Instructor Preparation Package contains essential material to learn how to be an effective and safe instructor of the Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention program. The online and in-person components follow a natural learning sequence with an online portal that includes video guides from Dr Paul Lam at every step and a one-day in-person workshop run by Tai Chi for Health Institute Master Trainer Sam Sujatna on May 7th in Perth, WA. 

Image by Sincerely Media


NSW Fall Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network 2024 Annual Fall Forum 

Friday June 7th, 2024 

Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney 


The NSW Fall Prevention & Healthy Ageing Network Annual Forum provides a fantastic opportunity to come together and learn about the latest on fall prevention and healthy ageing. Listen to experts in their field provide an overview of the latest research, advocacy, quality improvement and fall prevention in residential aged care and hospital, and community program initiatives. 

This forum also provides a fabulous opportunity to network, exchanges ideas and learn from each other. 


Abstract submissions and registrations are now open for the 2024 annual forum, click here.

Safety 2024

The 15th World Conference on Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion #Safety2024 will be hosted in the amazing rich in history and culture and architecturally beautiful City of New DelhiIndia.
#Safety2024 aims to draw global attention to the critical issues surrounding safety and injury prevention. The gathering will serve as a platform for international experts in the field to come together with a shared mission of "Creating a Safer Future for All: Implementing Equitable and Sustainable Strategies for Preventing Injuries and Violence." We invite you to visit the #Safety2024 website to learn more about the World Conference, the program, and registration details. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the global effort to reduce injuries and violence and improve trauma care, and we believe your involvement will greatly enrich the conference and help make it a resounding success.
By way of updates, a call for abstracts is now open and details can be found here

Expressions of interest for workshops may be submitted through a Google form here. 

2024 Australasian Road Safety Conference 

30 September – 3 October 

Join Australasia’s leading road safety and injury prevention researchers, practitioners and policy makers for the Australasian Road Safety Conference 2024. 

ARSC 2024 will be held in Hobart, Tasmania. This face-to-face format will bring together road safety stakeholders and decision-makers from Australasia and international jurisdictions to facilitate collaboration and share information. 

2024 ANZ Trauma Conference 

Save the date for the Trauma 2024 Conference – 24 – 26 October 2024, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia.

2024 SMA & ACSEP Conference

In October 2024, SMA and the ACSEP are co-convening a four-day Conference at the iconic MCG, dedicated to excellence in sports and exercise medicine, sports science and physical activity. 


With an expected attendance of over 700 delegates representing the multidisciplinary field of sports medicine, it’s an event that promises to expand your knowledge and your networks.  


Global and local speakers at the forefront of their profession will share their expertise and take on cutting edge science.  

ANZBA Annual Scientific Meeting 

The ANZBA ASM is the premier event for burn care leaders and practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. The ASM brings together some of the most influential leaders who drive the introduction and adoption of innovative care solutions in the pursuit of better burn care. 

This year’s meeting revolves around the theme “Adapt to Thrive”. In a constantly evolving world, the ability to adapt is paramount for not just surviving but thriving. 

Have you got activities you want to promote or content to share? Please send any articles to 27th day of each month.

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