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Dr Rebbecca Lilley

General Committee Member

Rebbecca has worked as a researcher in the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine since 1999 and obtained her PhD from the University of Otago in 2007. To date Rebbecca's research specialises in using epidemiological methods to understand occupational injury and subsequent work-disability following injury in New Zealand workers.

Dr Lilley has developed two research themes in the area of occupational health and safety: the first examines the distribution and impact of work hazards on worker health & safety; and the second examines work disability and economic participation following injury. Both areas are poorly understood in a New Zealand context. The long-term aim of this body of research is the development of interventions for the workplace. Dr Lilley's previous research has examined the working population in general, as well as numerous occupational groups (e.g. cleaners, clerical workers, forestry and agricultural workers) using different epidemiological methods including cross-sectional, case-control and prospective cohort studies. Dr Lilley's current work focuses on identifying modifiable factors for addressing work disability following injury and improving the quality of work-related fatal injury data for surveillance purposes in a New Zealand context.

Dr Lilley has been lead, and collaborated, on a number of Health Research Council and Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment funded projects and programmes. Dr Lilley has also held training fellowships in occupational injury prevention from the Health Research Council and work disability prevention from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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