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The Australasian Injury Prevention Network bi-annually hosts an awards event to recognise the diverse individuals and organisations contributions to injury prevention in Australia and New Zealand.  


The AIPN Awards were presented at the conference gala dinner on 12th March 2024 in Rotorua, marking a memorable occasion where attendees gathered to celebrate achievements in injury prevention amidst a festive atmosphere, enjoying a delightful meal and forging connections with both familiar faces and new acquaintances. 


Congratulations to the 2024 recipients!

Life Member - Katheen Clapham

Kathleen Clapham was inducted in to the AIPN for her significant contribution across her career to the field of injury prevention.


Kathy's work work focuses on health equity; safety, health and wellbeing of children and young people; community-based interventions; social and cultural determinants of health; and health services improvements within the broad area of Indigenous Health at the University of Wollongong.

Kathy has been the architect of injury prevention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for decades. She led an influential review of injury programs in the early 2000s, highlighting the fragmented way programs were funded and raising awareness of the need for community led and properly funded initiatives. She has provided intellectual and cultural governance for countless projects but importantly also for countless researchers.


She has generously mentored and supported many Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, and her influence is deeply felt in every project. 


Pam Albany Memorial Award: Contribution to Policy in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion - Rachel Meade

Achievement in Research in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion - Emma Wyeth

Emma's extensive and distinguished career in research, particularly in the realm of injury prevention and safety promotion within Māori communities, has rightfully earned her the award for research in this field. As the Director of Te Rōpū Rangahau Hauora Māori o Ngāi Tahu and an Associate Professor in Māori Health, Emma's leadership and expertise have been instrumental in numerous groundbreaking studies. Her involvement as Principal or Co-Principal Investigator in projects such as the POIS-10 Māori study and the Trauma Outcomes Project underscores her commitment to understanding and improving health outcomes for Māori populations. Additionally, Emma's previous roles, including her tenure as the inaugural Programme Leader for Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, showcase her dedication to collaborative research initiatives aimed at addressing pressing health issues within indigenous communities. With her interdisciplinary background and unwavering dedication to advancing Māori health research, Emma embodies excellence in injury prevention and safety promotion, making her a deserving recipient of this prestigious award. 

Rachel Meade's receipt of the Pam Albany Award for her outstanding contribution to policy in injury prevention and safety promotion is a testament to her multifaceted impact in the field. As the General Manager of Injury Prevention at Injury Matters in Western Australia, Rachel's leadership extends beyond her immediate role, encompassing a wide array of initiatives aimed at fostering systemic change. Rachel has been instrumental in driving internal priorities, fostering cross-sector connections, and leading reconciliation activities, demonstrating her commitment to inclusive and collaborative approaches to addressing injury prevention. Her engagement with government officials and advocacy efforts have been pivotal in advocating for policy changes to improve safety at a systemic level. Additionally, Rachel's active involvement in professional organisations such as the Australian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN) and the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) further underscores her dedication to advancing the field. Through her roles within these organizations, including her four-year term as Secretary of the AIPN, Rachel has played a crucial role in shaping governance, advocacy, and strategic activities, ensuring that injury prevention remains a top priority on the national agenda. Furthermore, Rachel's support for national research projects and her role as a mentor in the field exemplify her commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Rachel’s comprehensive and impactful contributions across various facets of injury prevention and safety promotion make her a truly deserving recipient of the Pam Albany Award.

AIPN Rachel Meade Award.jpeg

Achievement in Practice in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion - Stacey Pidgeon

Stacey Pidgeon's exceptional dedication to injury prevention practice, particularly in the field of drowning prevention, has earned her the award for Outstanding Contribution to Injury Prevention Practice. As the National Manager for Research and Policy at Royal Life Saving Society – Australia (RLSSA), Stacey has exhibited exemplary leadership and innovation in her efforts to enhance swimming and water safety (S&WS) programs. Her focus on inclusivity has led to initiatives aimed at increasing access to S&WS programs for individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups in Australia and New Zealand. Through her leadership, Stacey's team produces critical reports such as the 'National Drowning Report' and the 'Summer Drowning Toll,' effectively raising awareness about preventable drowning through targeted messaging. Additionally, her team's research and health promotion programs have advanced understanding of non-fatal drowning and contributed to the development of key publications and symposiums. Stacey's commitment to community engagement has provided unique insights into preventing migrant drowning, leading to tangible outcomes such as influencing the Australian Water Safety Strategy (AWSS) 2030. Furthermore, her facilitation of the first-ever International Women's Day celebration of Women in Drowning Prevention underscores her dedication to diversity and inclusiveness within the field. Stacey Pidgeon's tireless advocacy and innovative approach to injury prevention practice make her a truly deserving recipient of this prestigious award. 

AIPN Stacey Pidgeon Award.jpeg

Special Award for Sustained Achievement in Injury Prevention - Prof Kirsten Vallmuur 
Kirsten has made significant, sustained and novel contributions to injury prevention since completing her PhD in 2003. In her current role at the Jamieson Trauma Institute, she is driving work to establish the Queensland Injury Data Warehouse, an intelligence platform being established by Queensland Health, linking injury-related patient level data to enable patient-centric analytics to inform trauma clinical improvement and injury prevention initiatives across Queensland. She played an instrumental role in product safety policy and practice developments for over ten years at a state, national and international level, commencing with her establishment of the Queensland Consumer Product Injury Research Advisory Group in 2010. This group was awarded a Children’s Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in partnership in 2013 and still plays a pivotal role in policy development, research and education. Kirsten has well-established local and international collaborations, and her extensive expertise in injury prevention and trauma surveillance is regularly sought. She is an invited member of the RACS National Trauma Committee, ANZ Trauma Registry, ACCC Product Safety Consultative Committee, WHO ICD-11 Advisory Group for Injury and External Causes, AIHW National Injury Surveillance Advisory Committee, and Injury Prevention editorial board. She has previously been a member of the AIPN 

executive committee, Queensland Child Death Review Panel, Queensland Trauma Registry Reference Group and OECD global injury data platform advisory committee. An esteemed collaborator, mentor and teacher, she has over 250 injury prevention research outputs, has supervised three honours, six masters and 14 PhD students to completion and is currently supervising four PhD students. 

Marilyn Lyford Emerging Leader Award - Dr Georgina Lau

Georgina Lau's receipt of the Marilyn Lyford Emerging Leader Award recognises her exceptional contributions and leadership in the field of substance use and injury prevention. Through her groundbreaking PhD research, Georgina has transformed our understanding of substance-related injuries, shedding light on the significant role of alcohol and other drugs across all causes of serious injury. Her national recognition as an emerging leader, exemplified by the prestigious Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship, underscores the importance and impact of her work. As a Research Fellow, Georgina continues to advance our understanding of substance use in injury events and develops robust countermeasures and treatment pathways. Moreover, Georgina has demonstrated exceptional leadership by fostering collaboration between academics and clinicians from diverse sectors, bridging the gap between the substance use and injury prevention communities. Her advocacy efforts in state and national media further highlight her commitment to preventing substance-related injuries. In addition to her media advocacy, Georgina has significantly contributed to the field of injury prevention through her active involvement with the Australian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN). As the Chair of the AIPN’s Alcohol and Other Drug Sub-committee and former Co-Chair of the AIPN’s Student Sub-committee, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse around substance-related injuries within the AIPN community. 

With the Marilyn Lyford Memorial Emerging Leader Award Prize, Georgina intends to further her impact by attending a short course on health data linkage at the University of Western Australia. This opportunity will equip her with the necessary skills to lead a unique program of research focused on using linked data sets to drive evidence-based prevention efforts for substance-related injury events in Australia, solidifying her position as a pioneering leader in the field. 

AIPN Georgina Lau Award.jpeg

AIPN Awards

Bronte Haynes: Using art-based methods to understand Aboriginal connection to water

AIPN Bronte Haynes Award.jpeg

Johdi Warwick Ponga & Moira Loach: Haumaru Tāngata

AIPN Moira Loach and Johdi Warwick-Ponga Award.jpeg

Joanna Hikaka : Whaioranga to Pā Harakeke

Conference Awards
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