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The Australasian Injury Prevention Network is comprised of dedicated professionals and experts in the field of injury prevention, each possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience on a wide range of injury-related issues. Whether you're seeking insights on the latest research, policy developments, or practical prevention strategies, our members are available to serve as authoritative spokespersons. We are committed to providing accurate, timely, and impactful information to help enhance public safety and health across Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to speak to an AIPN spokesperson on an injury related issues please contact

There are a variety of resources available to support the media in the safe reporting of injury topics.

Alcohol and Other Drugs:

Communication about alcohol and other drugs can impact an individuals' self-esteem and shape community perceptions. Access information about communicating about: Alcohol and other drugs.

Road Crashes:

Negative or sensational framing of road traffic incidents affects not just audience attitudes but those involved in the incident – including first responders, families, friends, colleagues, and loved ones still dealing with the consequences. Injury Matters support those working in the media to report road traffic incidents safely. Access information for the media and communication professionals here: Reporting Road Traffic Incidents.


Suicide is a complex issue. Mindframe supports safe media reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide. Access information for media and communication professionals here: Communicating about Suicide.

Injuries are no accident. They are preventable.

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