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Passed Events

Have you ever wondered what the next frontier in injury prevention and safety promotion practice, research, and policy will be? Injury Matters hosts this discussion starter to hear from leaders in Australian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion reflecting on the current challenges, areas for future developments, and the skills that the workforce will need to be swift in addressing threats and responsive to opportunities.

Alcohol is reported as the highest risk factor for injury in Australia, contributing to over 15% of the overall burden of injuries in 2018. Join the Australasian Injury Prevention Network supported by the Know Injury Program from Injury Matters as they host this webinar with guest presenter Professor Peter Miller. Peter is the Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction Studies at the School of Psychology at Deakin University. Peter will share the latest findings from his research on alcohol policy, licensed venues, and violence (Queensland Alcohol-related violence and Night Time Economy Monitoring (QUANTEM) study) as well as the Last Drinks study while discussing some practical takeaways and advocacy suggestions/reflections.

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