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Invited Speakers

Hans Key

Talofa! Born and raised in Samoa, mother is Samoan with German heritage and father is Samoan with English heritage. Hence the German ‘Hans’ & English ‘Key’.

Father is from a small village called Manase in Savaii, Samoa and my mother from Malaela in Aleipata, Upolu also in Samoa.

My father worked as a builder for Fletcher Construction and mother worked in the food manufacturing industry – Blue Birds & Cerebos Foods. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters all living in Australia.

Our family migrated to NZ in 1970 when I was 6 years old, settled in Mt Wellington, then South Auckland and attended local schools including Penrose High School now known as One Tree Hill College.

July 1986 started working in private sector - steel manufacturing company in East Tamaki for 9yrs.

Joined Department of Labour (DOL) in May 1995 as an Immigration Officer.

Year 2000, seconded to Head office in Wellington for 16 months as a Pacific Advisor managing DOL’s internal Pacific Strategy. In 2002 appointed as an OSH Health & Safety inspector based in the Manukau office.

Have experiences in following industries: Manufacturing, Construction (residential/commercial sites), Agricultural, Quarries, Hazardous Substances (HSNO).

I’ve also facilitated many Health & Safety workshops / presentations to company management and workers within government & various businesses.

Currently, I’m working as the National Advisor responding to Pacific People’s needs in the workplace and am the delivery lead of the Puataunofo Come Home Safely programme. I was previously chair of the Puataunofo Come Home Safely committee that used to facilitate this programme which engages with workers to empower them and raise Health & Safety awareness of their rights & responsibilities as a worker under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) legislation.

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