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Invited Speakers

Lauren Fortington & Alison Macpherson

Hosted by BMJ Injury Prevention Associate Editors Dr Alison Macpherson and Dr Lauren Fortington. Together, Alison and Lauren have extensive experience with publishing and peer review – the good and the ‘needs improvement!’ They will deliver a hands on workshop covering issues of:
• Common problems with manuscript submissions and how to avoid these
• Why peer review matters and what the process looks like from the inside
• How to be a great reviewer and why you should put your hand up to review
The workshop will include several examples to work through individually and in groups - red pens provided!

Dr Macpherson’s research looks at how to keep children healthy, active, and safe. She works in partnership with many people, organizations, and communities to help them prevent injuries and promote active play and transportation. The area of research she is most interested in is how policies and laws can work to achieve these goals. Some specific studies include body-checking and injury in ice hockey, the role of the built environment in promoting safe active transportation, and the differences in injury rates by socio-economic status.

Dr Fortington works in injury epidemiology with a focus on keeping active populations injury free. Her research looks critically at injury data and how it is defined, collected, managed, and reported. This work includes interrogation of administrative datasets such as hospital admission data and insurance claims as well as informing the design of new collections.

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